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Body Treatments

English Rose Salt Body Scrub – $65.00
Swedish massage is a deeply relaxing massage using a soft European technique.

Chocolate Body Scrub – $65.00
Chocolate body scrub designed reduce amount of dry skin. Improve appearance of healthy skin.

Hot Stone Massage – $70.00
Hot stone massage was developed by Relaxing Solutions particularly to relieve stress.  Warm stones are used to place around the body as well as to perform a Swedish type massage.

Cellulite Reduction Treatment – $65.00
Pregnancy massage is a perfect way to alleviate physical complaints, reduce stress, and promote general well being for the benefit of both the motherand the unborn child.

Foot Reflexology – $45.00
Foot Reflexology practices the theory that reflex areas in the feet correspond with different body organs.  By stimulating these reflexes correctly, tension and stress are relieved in a natural way.

Aroma Therapy – $10.00
Choose your favorite essential oil to be used.

Aroma Wrap – $65.00
Sweet aroma therapy herbs are used in this body wrap.  Herbs are believed to help emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.  This wrap is helpful in relaxation and detoxification.

Acti Sea Mud Wrap – $65.00
Our most effective treatment for smoothing, stimulating, and detoxifying skin and body.  Acti-Sea Mud contains a potent mix of five French sea weeds. Together, they work to stimulate the thyroid, promote decongestion, and waste elimination for better skin smoothness.

European Rose Mud Wrap – $65.00
European Rose Mud Wrap is the ultimate for skin refining and extreme hydration, perfectly suited for dry, delicate, weathered or aged skin.

Body Polish – $65.00
Product is used to remove rough, dry skin. Circulation of blood increases resulting in softer, smoother skin.

Adipoderm Wrap – $90.00
This excellent detoxifying treatment uses the combination of algae extracts and essential oils to cleanse and dramatically reduce cellulite.  It improves blood circulation and reduces muscle stiffness and soreness from overuse.

Hot Paraffin – $110.00
Hot paraffin is a great way to re-hydrate the skin by locking in the moisture already found in the body. This wrap can also be helpful in inch loss.  A series of treatments can be excellent cellulite reducer.

Body Bronzing – $25.00
The safest way to a flawless tan.  Maintain a beautiful, sun-kissed appearance, without harmful UV rays.  Includes one tube of product.

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