Facial Treatments


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Express Facial – $45.00

This facial is designed for clients who are “on the go”.  Deep cleansing, exfoliation, and a masque are still involved.  Perfect for all skin conditions.

Essential Facial – $65.00

This facial was designed to maintain healthy, beautiful and radiant skin.  Includes deep and gentle cleansing, exfoliation, a masque, and moisturizer. Also, a personalized skin care consultation and hand and arm massage is involved.

Radiant Skin Facial – $65.00

Protect, hydrate, and illuminate skin.  Help it adapt not react- to the pressures of what comes its way weather, pollution, stress and less-than-perfect diet.

Hot Stone Facial – $70.00

This facial involves the use of warm stones to combine the benefits of touch healing and thermal therapy.  Provides deep nourishment for the skin.

Hot Paraffin Facial – $70.00

This facial is an intensive treatment that replenishes lost moisture to weather abused skin. Helps nourish dry and dehydrated skin; good for winter.

Acne Treatment – $70.00

This facial will focus on regulating oil gland secretion, while detoxifying and tightening skin pores.

Back Treatment – $65.00

A back treatment that helps to eliminate skin problems on areas of the back.

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